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Danger & Doom: Brainless Brother — My First Ebook for Reluctant Readers

11/14/2013 2 comments

Danger and Doom-Book Cover-Brainless BrotherAnnouncing my new venture into children’s publishing. Danger & Doom: Brainless Brother is the first ebook in a hilarious and exciting new middle grade action/adventure series for kids ages 8-10.

What would you do if your brother lost his mind… literally?

Unusual, amazing, and terrible things always seem to happen to twin boys Daniel and Dominic—that’s why they renamed themselves Danger and Doom—and today, fifteen minutes before the biggest test of the year at school, Danger loses his mind… literally.

His runaway brain has a mind of its own, and it’s on the loose! Now it’s up to his bookworm brother, Doom, to find the clues, track down the brain, battle evil security guards and YouTube-crazy gamers at the greatest video game arcade in town, and somehow get the bitter and vengeful brain back into Danger’s head before the test begins.

Will he succeed? Or will he have a brainless brother forever?

I am SO excited about this project because Danger & Doom: Brainless Brother is the first ebook I’ve written for Reluctant Readers.

When I was a kid I hated books. I know that sounds strange—a writer and teacher of writing used to hate books—but it’s 100% true. If I were in school today I’d be called a “Reluctant Reader” (which, if you’re not savvy to the lingo, is often another way of saying “boy”).

Why was I so reluctant to read? Because I hated the boring textbooks and “classics” we read in class. There were no car chases, no ninjas, no explosions… there wasn’t even any slapstick humor.

The only thing I wanted to read were Calvin & Hobbes comic strips because the characters went on big, fantastic adventures, and always made me laugh. Why couldn’t books be more like that?

The answer is… they can be! But someone has to write them. So, that’s why I created Danger & Doom: Brainless Brother.

I wanted to give Reluctant Readers something that an 8-10 year-old me would’ve loved to read—and if I could create something entertaining enough to satisfy a kid who hates to read, then maybe it would also satisfy kids who already love to read. Judging by the reception its been receiving, we’re off to a good start:

“Exciting! … I could barely stop reading your story until I finished it!!”
— Christina (age 8)

— Martin (age 9)

“He laughed out loud. … An eight-year-old laughing out loud? Success!”
— Sarah, mother of Judson (age 8)

If you have a Reluctant Reader, or if you know someone with a Reluctant Reader, please share this ebook with them. I would love to give kids a fun reading experience, and I THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for helping me do that.

Danger & Doom: Brainless Brother is now available on Amazon’s KindleBarnes & Noble’s Nook, Kobo, and Apple.



(Illustrations © the AMAZING Jason Week.)

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