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Short Notes on Long Comics is Now an Ebook!

Short Notes on Long Comics: 10 Great Examples of Story Structure in Graphic Novels is now available on Kindle for only $0.99!

And soon, Nook. (UPDATE: Now on Nook, too!)

Since I know very little about html coding, I used a template at to design the book in Open Office. It was so easy to learn that I designed my book for both Kindle and Nook at the same time and had them uploaded within a few hours.

One day later, Short Notes was available on Kindle and 24-72 hours from now the same will be true for Nook. Piece of cake.

Feel free to download a sample of Short Notes and let me know what you think of it. I look forward to hearing your responses!

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Q&A with Chuck Austen – Wild and Wooly Press

06/04/2011 1 comment

Two months ago, I wrote a post titled Why Kindle Has No Comics. The response has been really good, but the best response was a comment made by Chuck Austen. He published one of the comics I mentioned in the piece and had to set me straight.

I claimed that the comic he published, Kindle Comics, couldn’t be making money due to the $.15/MB fee that Amazon charges per download, but he told me his comic is making money and he hasn’t seen any sign of being charged this fee at all. This got us talking and I decided to share our conversation on my blog.

I was really excited to hear about his experiences with digital publishing. If publishing comics on Kindle is a viable option for making at least a little bit of money with our comics, I wanted share that with others and get more comics out to readers.

Okay, here’s the Q&A… Read more…

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iPad Comics – Q&A with Blue Pepper Comics

04/16/2011 1 comment

I was walking down aisle D at MoCCA last Sunday when I heard someone call my name.

I turned and the guy sitting behind table D8 said, “You’re Tim Stout, right? I’m Dan Rodriguez. I bought your book Short Notes on Long Comics last year and I’ve been following your blog. Really good stuff.”

With my ego feeling nice and inflated I stayed to chat and realized that instead of having dozens of minis for sale, his company, Blue Pepper, had only two items on the table: an iPad and an iPad, both of which displayed a new comic they had made into an app.

I was floored. The images were clean, crisp and clear. Every word was perfectly legible. And instead of zooming in on pages, trying to find the next word balloon (like I’ve done with Graphicly and Comixology), I simply tapped the screen and the next image layered upon the last. Really cool.

Immediately, I had a bunch of questions about making comics for the iPad, which I would obviously share with everyone here, and he was kind enough to agree to this Q&A post.

So, here goes my first Q&A post. I hope you enjoy. Read more…

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The Big 6 & Netflix

(Update: As of 9/12/11, the Netflix for books business idea I proposed in this article is now in development, but instead of the Big 6 jumping on it, Amazon has jumped on it.)

Why aren’t The Big 6 (Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House and Simon & Schuster) acting like Netflix?

Netflix offers an ever-expanding library of movies and television shows that you can either rent with hardcopy DVDs through the mail or through the internet in what is called “streaming.”

By paying a monthly subscription of less than $10/month, I can stream movies on my television at home or on an iPhone or iPad anywhere with internet access at anytime.

Why can’t I do this with books? Why aren’t The Big 6 offering subscriptions to their backlists — the largest backlists in the world of publishing — for a small monthly fee?  Read more…

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Why Kindle Has No Comics

04/02/2011 26 comments

UPDATE 09/28/11: Thank you for reading! The information in the following post, as of today, has changed because of the new KINDLE FIRE. The MB fee described below currently applies to the 70% royalty option, only. If you choose the 35% royalty option, there is NO FEE! Start self-publishing your comics, NOW.

Why are there no comics on Kindle?

If you browse the Kindle selection of comics, it’s pretty sad. As of this writing, the bestselling title in the Comics and Graphic Novels subcategory is KINDLE TEXT TO SPEECH: How to use Read-to-Me (Text-to-Speech) Function of Amazon Kindle, and 80 out of the first 100 bestselling titles are manga porn and mis-categoried erotica ebooks.

In between manga porn you’ll find a few Star Trek movie-tie-in comics, Owly and American Born Chinese. That’s it. Why? Why aren’t book publishers selling graphic novels on Kindle? Why aren’t comicmakers taking part in the self-publishing revolution that has begun through ebooks?

I don’t own a Kindle (I use a Kindle app on my smartphone, instead) so I had some assumptions: Kindle buyers must not be comics buyers, graphic novels must not look good on those little black-and-white screens.

But after looking into it, I realized why: money. Read more…

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