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YouTube Jiu Jitsu

Thank you YouTube. And thank you to all the contributors who have shared how-to videos of jiu jitsu moves. You got me out of a bind, this week.

While following David (the main character of my middle-grade novel about kid spies) on his first mission, he led me into a situation where an attacker gains the upperhand and pins David to the ground by pressing a knee to his chest.

Fortunately, David has been active in martial arts for years and has also been fighting his older brother (who regularly sits on his chest during scuffles) for even longer, so escaping from this situation required a specific move that was very familiar to David. Unfortunately, it was not familiar to me at all! And I’m the one who has to write it!

Lucky for me, I have YouTube and dozens of jiu jitsu-ing YouTubers who have taken the time to explain the process of escaping from a “Knee on Belly” position. From the surprisingly high number of options a person has to escape from a Knee on Belly, I chose the one below because it made the most sense for the characters.

Thanks YouTube and YouTubers! You saved David from a perilous Knee on Belly.

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