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Li’l Nauts Debut

Look out world, here come the Li’l Nauts!

This November, Mansion Comics will be publishing the very first story of Li’l Nauts in the children’s comics anthology Eggbert (also, it will be my very first published work!).

What is Li’l Nauts?

Li’l Nauts is a spinoff of the characters N-Man, Hypernaut and The Fury from 1963 and Tales of the Uncanny, running with the idea: what would these characters be like if they were all under 10 years old and living in suburbia? Similar to the spinoffs Tiny Titans, Mini-Marvels or Muppet Babies.

The result is a mash up of these modern superhero characters with the classic style of kids comics like John Stanley, Carl Barks and Dell Comics from the 1950s and 60s.

The amazing Jason Week joined me on this idea and with Steve Bissette’s support we created a series that could potentially expand into many many stories. We hope it will.

Check out the samples of Jason’s fantastic art below from the first 4-page story I wrote titled “Li’l Nauts: Hypertot at the Bat”, in which Hypertot struggles to learn the game of baseball.


Li’l Nauts™, The Fury™, N-Man™, The Hypernaut™ and Queep™ © and TM Stephen R. Bissette, by contractual arrangement with the original co-creator; all rights reserved. Li’l Nauts™ was created by Tim Stout and Jason Week; ©2011 Stephen R. Bissette, by contractual arrangement with the co-creators; all rights reserved.

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