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Some Random Fun

Working full steam on the project I mentioned in my post for January 23rd (More, Soon!). I still can’t say anything about it aside from: it’s with Stephen R. Bissette, a number of CCS students have contributed and it’ll premiere at MoCCA this April. Very exciting. I hope to see you there!

Next week, I’ll breakdown the plot of Stitches by David Small but until then here are some writing-themed sites I enjoyed recently. If you have your own you’d like to share, let me know!

How to Survive Writing a Graphic Novel by Grady Klein — Full of very sound advice. I’ve taken every step to heart.

Rules for Writers — a growing collection of authors have contributed their top 10 “rules” (some funny, some practical, some poignant) for working as a writer. I especially liked Michael Moorcock’s #2 rule.

Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity — I saw this TED lecture (online) over a year ago but I recently rediscovered it and it still resonates with encouragement, regardless of what art you practice.

I hope you enjoy these, too!

P.S. The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology! I had the pleasure of reading and giving feedback on Stephen R. Bissette’s manuscript for the short story Copper a few months ago. He appreciated my notes so much he named a zombie after me! I’m very honored. Thank you, Steve. Copper is a great story about a retired military officer and the vagabond zombies of the town in need a leader to guide them (a love story…in which they eat people!). I highly recommend it.

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  1. Heather
    03/01/2010 at 11:34 AM

    Good call on the Liz Gilbert link! She always delivers very heart-felt talks and it’s inspiring to hear her speak. Have you seen her infloox page? There’s a great list of her own inspirations and influences there.

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